#1 Let’s Break Out of Our Shells

I attempted to break out of my shell today

I would like to celebrate today as a special day for myself that I tried my best to go beyond my maximum English pragmatic abilities. Why can I say that? It is because I challenged writing a Medium article in English.

Writing an article in English and publishing my English writing online is, indeed, something that I have never experienced before. Since I am a non-native English speaker, I am quite certain that there might be grammatical errors and misuse of vocabulary, but no one can use the second language perfectly without practices. Then, if I claim so, why don’t I try publishing the work to brush up my English skill? Of course, there are no reasons to say ‘no’ to this great opportunity.

If there are any issues that prevent me from writing Engish articles, it can be my hesitation. This is because my concerns can be arisen regarding the readers’ thoughts and perceptions on my poor writing; however, I am confident that no one would criticize my challenge since I am writing this article very seriously for my English improvements. For this reason, I wish people who read my articles would encourage me with my challenge of huge one step to go beyond my current English limitation.

What Shall I Write in Medium?

It has been several months since I set up my Medium account; nevertheless, this is my first published work. I attempted to write an article again and again, but those articles have never completed. It was just because I could not find the things that I was passionate to write about.

I tried to write about Japanese education as I am a former teacher. I failed to do so because I could not find the target readers who want to read about it and learn it from me in English.

Then, I came up with idea writing about Japanese culture to promote our beautiful culture and traditions to people over the world. I found it interesting; however, it was challenging for me to keep writing about one particular topic in English.

After brainstorming all the potential ideas, I concluded that my Medium platform does not need to be very formative. It is because this is just my English practices and I would like to write articles for my pleasure. Once I decided on the goal of my writing, I started to feel relaxed, and I am more enthusiastic in writing.

This is my writing platform and anything can be written. So, basically, I will use this as my English diary which I plan to share my daily activities; what I have thought on the day; my interests; about my past experiences; and perhaps, about my dream.

Thanks for reading! I have a main blog in Japanese. So, if you are interested in reading my articles in Japanese, please visit my blog, 異文化の魔法! https://saya-culture.com

See you again :)

*blog(cultural magic):https://saya-culture.com/




I write articles for my pleasure! I would like to improve my English writing skills :)

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I write articles for my pleasure! I would like to improve my English writing skills :)

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