#2 The New Year Events in Japan

A Happy New Year and may you have a wonderful year!

I expect that 2021 would be a year that the world can be recovered from the current tragedy of coronavirus pandemic, and bring greater happiness to all of us. In order to overcome this difficult time, I believe that the key is to cooperate, be patient, and try to be positive!

Today, I would like to write about the Japanese tradition of new year’s day; and my diary about what I did on the day this year.

Omikuji tells us our fortune

How do you celebrate a new year’s day? I believe that there are various ways to celebrate the day by depending on your cultural background and your residential regions. In the case of Japan, we have a tradition to visit a shrine to pray for a good year. The majority of Japanese people tend to follow this tradition not only because of religious purposes but it’s because there is a lot of fun at the shrine. In particular, I suppose most people like to pick a fortune-slip, called omikuji. The omikuji shows the predictions of the year and providing us with better solutions and suggestions if there are any difficulties waiting for us.

In my case, I usually do pray for the happiness of the year, of course, but I am more excited to see my omikuji result. My last omikuji experience was at a shrine in Kyoto and, unfortunately, the result made me a bit disappointed. It predicted that I might struggle from frustrations and depressions due to unexpected issues that prevent me from following my plans. It suggested me to stay calm and wait for an appropriate moment to move forward. I was shocked by knowing this result. But I can now understand the reason why I chose that omikuji in Kyoto when I look back my days of 2020.

We should know that people never can enjoy good luck for the whole life. If we can understand good and bad lucks come alternately, there are no reasons to doubt to be patient for a good fortune to come when facing difficulties. Keeping this in my mind, I went to the shrine on the new year’s day and picked one omikuji while wishing my fortune is returning to the brighter side. It was relatively better than the one I picked in Kyoto but it still suggested me to be patient.

Be patient and wait for the right moment to move forward

Whether you believe the statements of omikuji or not, I think that the things written on Omikuji are basically something we should keep in our mind to make our lives better. However, these fundamental lessons can be easily forgotten due to a busy daily life. In this sense, reading the statements of omikuji at least once a year is beneficial to reflect ourselves to change our undesirable behaviours.

Perhaps, in my case, I was rushing to the next step by abandoning the precious moment that I have right now. It seems that omikuji is telling me to wait for a while to move forward and cherish my days with my family members as I had not so much time spending with them for a long time. Thus, Omikuji that I chose this year has taught me the most important lessons which I have left behind in my busy days.

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I write articles for my pleasure! I would like to improve my English writing skills :)

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I write articles for my pleasure! I would like to improve my English writing skills :)

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